Subway promotion shows off new feature

A new Subway promotion has a new feature that lets you get your hands on the next item you need to order, but it’s a little scary.According to the promotion, users will need to tap on the icon next to the price, then tap on “Add to Cart” in the bottom right corner.There will then be a pop-up saying the […]

How to get your phone number and your profile image added to Disney’s Facebook page in Spain

Facebook and Twitter are set to begin a joint marketing campaign to encourage Spanish-speaking families to visit Disney’s resorts.The new campaign will launch on October 11 with the launch of a campaign that uses Facebook and Instagram.This is the first time Facebook and social media have worked together.The campaign, called Disney Plus, is aimed at families who have purchased a […]

How to make a viral video and become a viral star

A viral video isn’t just about the words in the video — it’s about the action.A video can be a catalyst for change, or a wake-up call to the world.“The most powerful thing that you can do is you can tell people that something that you’re passionate about is really important, and that they can really make a difference in […]

Which AT&T internet promo is right for you?

The AT&t Internet promo is an excellent way to get some free internet for your new iPhone, and there are a few different options out there.You can sign up for an AT&ts Free Trial, which gives you a discount for new or upgraded phones and lets you sign up with your email address and other details.Alternatively, you can sign-up with […]

The World’s Most Popular Business Promotions, by Business Promoters

Business promotion is the most effective way to build loyalty in your business.As a business, it is your primary source of revenue and income.However, it can be very difficult to understand how to effectively market your business to your customers.In this article, we’re going to explain how you can market your product to your potential customers and to their potential […]