How to sign up for Facebook promotions

Facebook’s promotions site, the Promotions API, is designed to make it easy to signup for Facebook and other promotions.Facebook is offering to pay you for a Facebook subscription when you sign up to use the API.You can choose to pay the API fee for a month of your subscription.It will then send you an email with instructions on how to […]

Here’s the best free movie deals from DirectV right now

DirectV is now the top streaming video provider for movies and TV shows on DIRECTV.Here are some of the best deals right now.1.$2.99 for the movie “Taken 2” from “The Big Short”2.$7.99 on the movie, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”3.$9.99 to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” on HBO4.$11.99 “The Avengers” on Disney5.$15.99 watch “Captain America: Civil War” […]

A $3.8 million offer from DirectV’s cable-TV division has put an end to the “no way” rule, but some customers are still paying for that privilege

DirectV has announced a $3 million offer to buy its cable-video division.The acquisition will make DirectV one of the biggest players in the video market, and the cable giant says it will provide video-on-demand services for the first time.“Today’s announcement marks the start of a new chapter for the industry and marks a historic milestone for DirectV,” the company said […]

How the ‘uber’ promotions have changed the world

On January 31, a massive new promotion was rolled out to the “uber” and “couchpotato” communities on the internet.It kicked off a massive surge in traffic and traffic on the “coupon” and the “super” categories of the site.And now, on February 3rd, that surge will hit “uber,” “super,” and “diamond” in the same way that the “cheap” promotions have hit […]