Subway promotion shows off new feature

A new Subway promotion has a new feature that lets you get your hands on the next item you need to order, but it’s a little scary.According to the promotion, users will need to tap on the icon next to the price, then tap on “Add to Cart” in the bottom right corner.There will then be a pop-up saying the […]

New subway promotions coming to Uber and Lyft by 2021

Uber and its ride-hailing rival Lyft announced a new partnership Thursday that will boost the ride-sharing services’ presence in Manhattan and Queens.The partnership is the latest of several partnerships that Uber has struck with transportation companies in recent years.Uber has also partnered with Metro-North, the regional rail transit company that runs the Blue, Green and Purple lines, to launch its […]

When is free music promotion legal in Canada?

When is the free music promotions legal?A federal judge in Victoria ruled that a free music program that lets users download music and play it on their computer is protected under copyright law, though it’s unclear if the program would be allowed in Canada.It was a landmark decision in Canada, and the ruling has prompted the industry to push for […]

Trump calls for ‘tough love’ on immigration policy, but the White House is looking for compromise

President Donald Trump said Monday he is looking to make immigration “tough” and that he would not be happy if it were “done poorly.”Trump made the remarks at a press conference with his family, who were watching from the sidelines as he addressed reporters.Trump said he would consider an increase in legal immigration, saying “there’s no way to do it […]