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Unveiling the Incredible Net Worth of King Von: How Much Is He Truly Worth?

King Von was an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois who tragically passed away in November 2020 at the age of 26. Despite his untimely death, he left behind a legacy as one of the most influential rappers to come out of Chicago, with two studio albums and several singles that have been streamed millions of times across streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

He also had numerous business ventures and endorsements, including a fashion line with fellow rapper Lil Durk and an ambassador for Reebok Classics. King Von had amassed 3 million followers on Instagram, 800 thousand followers on Twitter, and 400 thousand subscribers on YouTube before his death.



King Von was an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He was one of the most popular and successful rappers in the city and had a large following among fans of hip-hop music. His career was tragically cut short when he was fatally shot in November 2020 at the age of 26.

Despite his untimely death, King Von left behind a legacy as one of the most influential rappers to come out of Chicago and his music continues to be celebrated by fans around the world. In this article, we will explore King Von’s life and career, his net worth in 2021, business ventures and endorsements, personal life and relationships, legal issues, and social media presence.

Early Life and Career of King Von

King Von (real name Dayvon Bennett) was born on August 9th 1994 in Chicago’s Southside neighborhood. He grew up surrounded by violence and poverty but despite this he managed to stay focused on his rap career. He started rapping at an early age under the name “Lil Durk” before eventually changing it to “King Von” in 2016. The same year he released his first mixtape titled “LeVon James” which gained him some recognition in the local rap scene.

In 2017 he released another mixtape titled “Grandson Vol 1:

which featured popular songs such as “Crazy Story” and “What It's Like” that caught the attention of major record labels such as Def Jam Recordings who signed him later that year.

In 2018 he released his third mixtape titled “Levon James 2:

The Movie” which featured collaborations with artists such as Lil Durk, G Herbo, Chief Keef, Young Dolph and more. This mixtape further solidified King Von's status as a rising star in the rap game.

King Von's Music Career and Discography

After signing with Def Jam Recordings in 2017 King Von went on to release several projects including two studio albums:

Grandson Vol 2 (2019) and Levon James 3:

The Album (2020). His biggest hit single to date is "Crazy Story" which peaked at number 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2019 making it his highest charting single so far.

He also released several other singles such as "Wayne's Story", "Took Her To The O", "The Code" featuring Lil Durk & G Herbo, "Madonna" featuring Fivio Foreign & Polo G, "All These Niggas" featuring Lil Durk & G Herbo, "Why He Told", "Cousins" featuring Lil Durk & Tee Grizzley among others

King Von's Net Worth in 2021

According to Celebrity Net Worth website, King Von had an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars at the time of his death in November 2020 due to his successful music career spanning over four years where he released various projects including two studio albums along with several singles that have been streamed millions of times across various streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Music.

King Von's Business Ventures and Endorsements

In addition to music sales from streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Music,King Von also earned money through endorsement deals with various brands such as Reebok Classics where he served as an ambassador for their Reebok Classics x FUBU collection alongside fellow rappers Future & Meek Mill.He also co-founded a fashion line called Only The Family Clothing alongside fellow rapper Lil Durk.

King Von's Personal Life and Relationships

King Von was married to Stephanie Bivens who is also known by her stage name Queen Key.They were married for two years before getting divorced in 2019 due to irreconcilable differences.Aside from Queen Key,there is no information available about any other relationships or affairs that King von may have had prior or after their divorce.

King Von's Legal Issues

During his lifetime,King von had multiple run-ins with law enforcement leading him being arrested multiple times for charges ranging from possession of firearms,battery,disorderly conduct,assault,resisting arrest etc.In 2019 alone,he was arrested three times for separate incidents involving guns leading him being sentenced to six months probation by a judge.

Social Media Presence Of King von

At the time of his death,King von had amassed quite a large following across various social media platforms such as Instagram where he had over 3 million followers,Twitter where he had over 800 thousand followers & YouTube where he had over 400 thousand subscribers.

His Instagram account has since been turned into a memorial page showcasing pictures & videos related to him along with messages from fans paying tribute to him all around the world.

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> King von was one of Chicago's most successful rappers having achieved commercial success with his music while also having numerous business ventures & endorsements during his lifetime.Despite having legal issues throughout much of his life,he managed stay focused on what mattered most which was making great music that resonated well with fans all across America leading him amassing millions streams across streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple Music along with millions followers across social media platforms like Instagram Twitter & YouTube before passing away tragically at age 26 due to gun violence."
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