A new breed of ‘golden boys’ will become available to women who wish to adopt a golden boy – Science

Google’s science and innovation teams are set to unleash a new breed for adoption: a golden male, whose sperm will be passed on to a surrogate mother.It is one of the latest evolutionary changes for human-like organisms to be made available to a woman, as human babies are being transferred to surrogate mothers in a process known as in vitro […]

What I Learned in a 3-Day Break from Trump and Putin

The President of the United States is a total clown.I mean, he’s not even a real clown.He’s just a real jerk.And it’s really easy to understand why.He just does things in a way that makes no sense whatsoever.And this is what’s happening in the West right now.And what’s going on in the United Kingdom right now, you know, it’s like […]

How a fast-food chain is changing the face of the fast-casual restaurant business

By Mark Weisbrot-USA TODAY StaffA fast-sophisticated food service is reshaping the fast food industry and the fast meal is the latest casualty.With its sleek, high-tech menu, a highly personalized menu and an emphasis on customer service, Burger King is poised to overtake Burger King and McDonald’s as the second-largest fast- food company in the U.S.The fast-beef burger is a product […]