Which company’s promo plan is the best?

A recent article in the American Journal of Sports Medicine offers a primer on how to get the best promotional value from a company’s promotion plan.Promoters of high-profile sporting events often pay a lot to advertise, and that can be a major source of profit for an advertiser.This article will offer some suggestions for getting the best out of your […]

Subway promotion shows off new feature

A new Subway promotion has a new feature that lets you get your hands on the next item you need to order, but it’s a little scary.According to the promotion, users will need to tap on the icon next to the price, then tap on “Add to Cart” in the bottom right corner.There will then be a pop-up saying the […]

How to sign up for Facebook promotions

Facebook’s promotions site, the Promotions API, is designed to make it easy to signup for Facebook and other promotions.Facebook is offering to pay you for a Facebook subscription when you sign up to use the API.You can choose to pay the API fee for a month of your subscription.It will then send you an email with instructions on how to […]

The world’s largest penis has finally arrived in Europe

A penis is one of the world’s most popular products.Now, it’s in Europe.This week, a penis manufacturer is opening up its European factory to the public.The penis maker is called Vibrant Inc. and its products range from the vibrator that makes you feel good, to the penis enhancer that makes sex more pleasurable.Vibrants are available in various sizes and are […]

How to get a $1 million reward from huntington banks, according to huntington man

Huntington, Utah — Huntington bank’s promotions have been a popular and popular part of the family-friendly community in the town of around 200 people.Now, it’s been reported that one man has been charged with solicitation of a person under 18 and is in jail.The Utah State Attorney’s Office says a man was arrested Thursday in connection with the sale of […]