merch by amazon income report

Merch By Amazon Update:More Fails! June/July 2018 Income Report!

Hi all, Well, I’m sorry to say, I completely slipped out of the loop again.  Things didn’t quite go as I’d intended in my previous Merch update. Nevertheless, someone commented on the previous post asking about June and I thought I had better update you with another Merch by Amazon income report. I did go crazy designing and uploading in June, as I’d planned.  I actually managed to go from…

epic merch by amazon fail

Merch By Amazon Update – EPIC FAIL!

  Merch By Amazon Update – EPIC FAIL! I literally cannot believe my last post was in October 2017!   What on earth happened!?  Here we now are in JUNE 2018! Well, I will share with you my results since I last wrote.  But first, I will explain what happened and why I haven’t written in so long. I was doing really well.  I managed to reach my first big milestone,…

merch by amazon research

Merch By Amazon Research – Some Search Results Insights!

Merch By Amazon Research – Don’t Always Believe What You Read! There is a particular strategy often talked about with Merch, that seems to make reasonable sense. That is, when you’re searching for a particular keyword, you plug it into Amazon and see how many search results come up. If there are thousands of thousands, you may then go for a longer tail keyword.  Tweak it and a smaller amount…

merch by amazon income report three

Merch By Amazon Income Report Month Three!

Merch By Amazon Income Report Month THREE!!!  (Sales from September 2017). I haven’t done much at all this month with Merch. I got my 25 designs up and aside from switching the prices around more times than is probably healthy, checking my Merch account like a maniac hoping for sales and switching over a few designs here and there —-> I’ve just been hoping to get those 25 sales and…

merch by amazon month two income report

Merch By Amazon Income Report Month 2: July 31st/August 31st 2017.

Merch Income Report 2 – July 31st/August 31st. I’ve been slack with the income reports, so as I write this, it’s actually September 19th. As such, I’m going to just make this a quick income report! August felt incredibly slow.  As I was still in the first tier, I was desperate to get those sales and tier up – what with the busiest time of the year for sales just…

merch by amazon first three sales

Merch By Amazon: First Three Sales Made!

FINALLY … not only did the weekend not pass by without a sale with March, but I got THREE sales in 24 hours.  Two of those were for the same shirt.  The sales were also not on the sales I necessarily expected. So, it’s happened now, my first sales with Merch by Amazon and I’m pretty excited now at the prospect of potentially entering the 25 tier in the next…

20 days in zero sales

Merch By Amazon, 20 Days In And Zero Sales!

So, I’m 20 days in from when I initially set up my first 10 shirts. However, I think only one of those original shirts remain.  I spent the next couple of weeks relentlessly changing them – tweaking keywords, learning more, changing designs again… and again…. and again…. AND AGAIN! I decided I was definitely going to leave them alone….  and then I changed them several more times.  🙂 So, now…

first week on merch by amazon

First Week On Merch By Amazon – Growing Pains!

Well, it’s been by first week on Merch By Amazon… It’s actually been fairly frustrating so far.  Mainly because, I kept switching designs over… really delving into keyword research and then switching over more designs. The end result being, that tonnes of shirts that spent most of the week with various shirts processing, or being reviewed.   I still only have 9 live right now, because I just switched another…