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Lana Del Rey Announces Epic World Tour - Get Your Tickets Now!

Lana Del Rey is one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the 21st century. She has released six studio albums, including her latest "Norman Fucking Rockwell!", and has two singles out in 2020.

Lana Del Rey will be going on a world tour this summer, with dates in Europe and North America. Tickets are available through various outlets such as Ticketmaster and prices range from $50-USD to 150 per ticket.

At a Lana Del Rey concert fans can expect an intimate atmosphere filled with passionate singing along to her songs, beautiful visuals projected onto large screens, surprises during each show, and different setlists each night.

If unable to attend a show, fans can still experience her music live online through streaming services or fan live streams hosted by dedicated sites. "


Lana Del Rey is one of the most popular and acclaimed singers of the 21st century. Her unique style, sound, and lyrics have made her a favorite among fans around the world.

With her latest album, "Norman Fucking Rockwell!", she has continued to captivate audiences with her unique blend of pop and alternative music.

Now, Lana Del Rey is gearing up for a tour in 2020 that will see her performing in cities all over the world. In this article, we'll explore when Lana Del Rey is going on tour, what to expect at her shows, and how to buy tickets.

Lana Del Rey's Musical Career

Lana Del Rey first gained recognition in 2012 with her debut album Born to Die which featured hits such as Video Games and Blue Jeans.

Since then she has released five studio albums including Ultraviolence (2014), Honeymoon (2015), Lust for Life (2017), and Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019) and Chemtrails Over The Country Club (2021).

Her music has been praised for its melancholic yet dreamy soundscapes that evoke nostalgia and emotion from listeners.

Recent Albums and Singles

In 2019 Lana Del Rey released her sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell! to critical acclaim from both critics and fans alike. The album features some of her most personal songs yet such as “Venice Bitch”, “Mariners Apartment Complex” and “Doin Time” among others.

In 2020 she released two singles: “Let Me Love You Like A Woman” and “Tulsa Jesus Freak” which further cemented her status as one of the leading voices in modern music today.

Upcoming Tour Dates and Locations

Lana Del Rey has announced a world tour that will kick off in Europe before heading to North America later this year.

The tour will begin on June 10th in Berlin, Germany before heading to Prague on June 12th followed by dates in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, and Lisbon among other cities throughout Europe before heading to North America on July 30th with stops in Montreal, Toronto, Chicago and many more cities throughout the continent including dates in Mexico City & Buenos Aires later this year too!

How to Buy Tickets for the Tour

Tickets for Lana Del Rey's upcoming tour are available now through various ticketing outlets such as Ticketmaster or Live Nation depending on your location or city of choice.

Prices vary depending on location but generally range from $50-USD 150 per ticket depending on availability or VIP packages offered at certain venues throughout the tour run.

What to Expect at a Lana Del Rey Concert

At a Lana Del Rey concert, you can expect an intimate atmosphere filled with passionate fans singing along with every word of every song while being mesmerized by beautiful visuals projected onto large screens behind the stage that further enhance the experience of being at one of her shows live!

You can also expect plenty of surprises during each show as well as different setlists each night making every show feel unique compared to previous ones giving you an unforgettable experience no matter where you are located around the globe!

Other Ways to Experience Lana Del Rey Live

If you're unable to attend any of Lana's live performances there are still plenty of ways you can experience her music live without being physically present at one of her concerts!

You can tune into any number of online streaming services such as YouTube Music or Spotify where you can listen to full albums or individual tracks from any artist including Lana herself!

Additionally, there are various fan live streams hosted by dedicated fansites like "LanaDelReyFans" where they stream exclusive content from past performances from their archives giving viewers an even more intimate look into what it would be like attending one of her shows live!

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Lana Del Rey is gearing up for a massive world tour this summer that will take place across Europe before heading stateside later this year so make sure you grab your tickets soon if you don't want to miss out on seeing one of pop music's biggest stars perform live!

With new singles already out there is no telling what else she has up her sleeve so make sure you stay tuned for more news about future releases or performances coming soon!

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